Sweets for the tiredness?

M; When you’re tired what do you do?

F; I usually lay in bed or eat something sweets.

M; It seems common that taking sweets makes us recharge but it’s only for the moment.

F; We like to eat sweets after meal for pleasure!

M; Yeah…your brain wants it.

Sweet for tiredness ?


Sweets for the tiredness?」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    I’m going to Tokyo with friends.
    Tour of art miusiam.
    We will eat some sweets🍰🍨🍮
    So we don’t fell tired.


  2. F; How was Mashu Lake tour in Hokkaido?
    M; it was so amazing. Especially the view of Lake Mashu from the top of Mt.Mashu was wonderful.
    F; Did you tired?
    M; Yeah, when being down from Mt.Mashu I tired very much and got my legs cramp. But, I was cured immediately after taking a medicine, “Tumura 68” given from our member. This medicine, “Tumura 68” is a herbal medicine and very fast effective on legs cramp.
    F; Really?


  3. F: What do you bring when you go to the mountains?
    M: I’ll bring chocolate, fruit, mini onigiri. And we also sure to carry “Syakuyaku kanzoto”.
    F: It seems that Mr, John used that medicine.
    M: I usually don’t eat sweet, but I eat it at the mountains.




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