Which one do you eat better?

M; Do you often eat meat?

F; I’d rather eat fish or seafood than 🍖 🥩.

How about you?

M; Actually I used to eat more seafood than meat like you. But recently I try to eat more meat than fish because of the quantity of protein when we can get each meal.

F; Do you mean you need more protein?

M; Yeah…,even we’re getting old we have to take 1/1000 as much as the weight of protein to make our health each day.

F; Not only protein but also veggies and crops and…,

M; Of course but it’s said all the factors work well based on protein.

F; What about milk or soy and eggs?

M; Let’s see…they’re also good quality of protein score but I don’t take milk.

F; Why not?

M; It’s my condition. When I take milk I’m not good of my stomach.

F; You can follow instead of soy milk.

M; Exactly.

Which do you eat better?

Which meat is better?


4 thoughts on “Which one do you eat better?

  1. Good morning☁
    M:I love egg🍳
    My body is made from eggs.

    F:I see😆, you look like egg ◯ LOL

    M:the doctor said 「milk is the best cblcium and amino acid」 on Tv.
    The other doctor said 「Don’t drink milk」

    F:yes,good foods chang every time.

    M:I eat a lot of kind foods, little by little.🍚🍞🍜🍤🍣🍥🍠🍗🎂🍨🍩🍫🍳🍘🍎🍒🍌🍊🍓🍉🍅🍆🍈🍍🍇🍑🌏🌽🍄🌰

    F:It’s good😆,but in case of you, much by much😄

    M:that’s true 😅


  2. F: What kind of meal do you eat?
    M: I don’t like Western food.
    F: Is that so? Then what kind of things do you eat?
    M: I like Japanese food.
    F: Indeed, that is good.

    By the way,
    Mr. John’s grandson is wonderful.
    The young person is flexible in the body.
    Even so, it was good that didn’t injured.


  3. F; Do you eat meat often?
    M: No, I don’t eat meat very often, but in my home 3 or 4 days a week the main dinner is meat dishes and other days fish dishes are the main.
    F; Which kind of meat do you like?
    M; I like beef the most and also eat pig meat, but I am not good at chicken.
    F; Really! You have many likes and dislikes, don’t you?
    M; Yeah, but recently my likes and dislikes have diminished.
    F: Have you become able to eat mushrooms?
    M; No, that still can’t be eaten.

    Thank you for worrying about my grandson.
    He went to school cheerfully today.


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