Alphabet quiz

Q1: What letter of the alphabet is an insect?


Q2: What letter is a part of the head?


Q3: What letter is a drink?



Alphabet quiz」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning⛅
    A-1 bee…B
    A-2 eye…I
    A-3 tea…T

    M:MS. Narusisa enjoyed of my comment.
    I’m so happy to see her comment.😆

    F:That was good🎶
    I’m happy for you😆

    M:Thank you💕
    I have good teacher, seniors and friends.



  2. M1: Oh, today is also a quiz!
    M2: Just a minute…. Maybe Ms. Ann would have answered.
    M1: Oh, yes, she answered!
    M2: Yay! I don’t have to use my inflexible brain(^o^)

    Since I had a refreshing weather today, I went shopping with my mother.


  3. Today there was a athletic meeting at my elder grandson’s of junior high school, so I went to watch with my wife from morning, and took pictures or videos.
    Therefore, when I saw your blog, Ms.ann Monday already had answered perfectly. (although I couldn’t understand)

    By the way, in the athletic meeting there was happening that my grandson fell to the ground at “Kibasen” and went to hospital for taking an X-ray or MRI exam.
    The result of exam, he was all right.
    Surprisingly after that, he joined in the relay of the final event and served as an anchor contributing to the victory.



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