Baby snake yawning

M; Oh…,it’s cute!

F; A baby snake yawns with its mouth wide open.

M; He’s just woke up from the cave hole.

F; I’ve never felt lovely to see a snake.

M; Not me, either!

Baby snake yawning


Baby snake yawning」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔☔☔
    M:Snake is snake.
    I can’t think that’s cute.

    F:yes me too.😱
    I don’t like snake’s pattern.

    M:I see, like a scale.

    F&M:OH, I don’t want remember it.


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    But, when I tried it with various links, and I was able to watch it. Certainly it was valuable video that took a moment openig big mouth.

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  3. M: Hey, look at this video!
    F: Wow, I’m sorry I don’t like snakes. How about you?
    M: Uhmm, I also don’t like it very much.
    F: I heard that there are no mice when a snake at house.
    ( which is mouse or rat?)
    M: In my case, That’s a scary story.



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