Hot house or glacial period?

M; Hmmm…..I can’t understand which is right in the future?

F; What’s wrong?

M; I’m reading two different studies between “hot house” and “glacial period” in our future on the earth.

F; Are they totally different?

M; One is alarming for global warming caused by CO2 emission. The other is about routine of glacial ages.

F; We can’t tell it until it being done.

Hot house phenomenon

Glacial period


Hot house or glacial period?」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    M:I guess globalwarming→the glacial period.

    F: Why?……

    M:Dinosaur became extinct by the ice age.
    Ice age come next heat.

    F:umm…then, a little persons can live.

    Earth’s Ark.

    F:OH,How can we period Hot house?

    First of all , we can do effort.


  2. M: Do you know “The day after tomorrow”?
    F: That is a Hollywood movie,isn’t that?
    M: That’s right. It’s a story that the earth freezes for cause of global warming.
    F: Sometimes you say Hollywood movies have predictions.
    M: How do you think?
    F: Ummm. . . . .


  3. F; Although today’s blog mention about the different two studies on the crisis in the near future of the Earth, how do you think about it?
    M; Although the global warming problem of the earth has been discussed extensively in recent years, it hasn’t been discussed much about the glacial period of the earth. So, I am surprising at the opinion that the mini glacial period of the earth will maybe coming if as soon as 20 years later.
    F; If you choose, which would you choose?
    M; Of course, both aren’t preferable for us living on Earth.
    I hope that world leaders will take serious discussions so that mankind can survive with anything.



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