The ranking of quarrel

M; It seems very funny to guess the strength of quarrel compared among 47 prefectures.

F; What do you think of the strongest prefecture?

M; Of course Osaka! They are much superior to lead talking “ boke & tukkomi” style humor.

F; What about Toyama?

M; Hmmm…., let’s see the result!

The ranking of quarrel


The ranking of quarrel」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    M:I think an upper rank prefecture has image of talkative.

    F:OH,I see.

    M:TOYAMA has calm and gentle.
    But TOYAMA lady has silent speech and good carry out power.

    F:thank you💕
    It’s 「無言実行」

    M:So, TOYAMA lady is the strongest.


  2. F; Today’s blog, ranking of quarrel in Japan is very interesting, isn’t it?
    M; Yeah, it’s very interesting! The first place in this ranking is Osaka by far the best and I think this result recognizes by everyone.
    F; How was our Toyama prefecture?
    M: Toyama prefecture was the lowest ranking as same as Nigata prefecture. This result may be reasonable from our prefectural character that is solid and introvert.
    F; I think so, too.


  3. M: Jen found an interesting ranking today, too.
    F: Let’s see, Mumumu ..Ohh that makes sense.
    M: People in Toyama prefecture don’t want to talk about their opinions.
    F: What are you thinking now?
    M: It’s not a big deal……
    F: Oh, You are a person in Toyama Prefecture.

    By the way,
    My grandchildren come to my house from tonight.
    I can’t have time to send comments until 15th.



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