Be careful

M; It’s said sweet sparkling drink might cause Alzheimer’s risk.

F; Really? I’d like to drink sparkling drink such as cola, ginger ale as well as sparkling wine in such hot weather.

M; Yeah…it’s so refreshing to take it when having sweat a lot!

F; But what’s wrong with the gas?

M; Maybe the combination gas and sweet are something wrong to cause the problems.

F; So is it safe non sugar gas such as water with gas?

M; I think it’s okay. But it’s better to drink cold tea with no sugar.

F; I can make pop water with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid.

M; Oh…you’re a scientist.

Be careful too much soda


Be careful」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔
    M:Do you like Soda?

    F:Yes, I love it, I drink it everyday.
    Why hear?

    M:Soda has Alzheimer’s risk.
    I drank it my young age , but I drink it very occasionally now.
    And sweets 🍰🍫🍭and sugar have the same risk.

    F:Are you Oky?

    M:I was shocked by today’s blog.😱😭

    We have to cut down they.

    M:I see……😣


  2. F; Do you like sweet sparkling drink?
    M; Yeah, I like to drink cold sweet sparkling drink in summer.
    F; Today’s blog article is saying sweet sparkling drink might cause Alzheimer’s risk. Are you all right?
    M; Really? But, though I drank a lot of those when I was young, now I only drink about 2 bottles a week. So, I think it’s maybe all right. However, I like sweet things and often eat it as snacks, so I have to be careful in this regard.
    F; Yeah, you seem to become somewhat fat recently, aren’t you? Be careful!

    By the way, yesterday-today it’s a cool climate in reversal from scorching heat so far.
    Yesterday, my younger grandson climbed to the summit of Mt.Tate for the first time by elementary school mountain climbing. Speaking to the old days tradition, he became a full-fledged man.


  3. F: In the hot summer, what kind of drink do you take?
    M: I boil hot water in the morning and drink it after became room temperature.
    F: Why do you do that?
    M: Because my stomach is weak against cold drink.
    F: You may be far from dementia.
    M: Oh,No, my brain is already waning.



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