The ultimate life “Life is fruity”

M; I was lost of words after watching the movie….

F; How much did you get moved?

M; My heart was shaking, moving and pounding with great wave of tenderness, gratitude and power.

F; Can you explain more precisely?

M; I said I can’t make any words out from my mind. Just I couldn’t stop tears with Shuichi and Hideko, whose life style was ultimate natural and beautiful.

F; They seem to have lived 90+87 years together happily.

M; But Shuichi passed away suddenly during napping after the garden work.

F; It’s a super natural ending that is difficult nowadays.

M; Yeah….he left Hideko but after his death she is doing her natural life with him.

F; Is there still his spirit there?

M; Of course, she feels his life and tries to make joy of life. I’m sure she wants to go with him but she told her husband to wait me there for a while.

It’s not a love story but a great gorgeous human love of them.

F; Human love?

M; Yes. Shuichi said he lived his life step by step by himself very carefully and patiently. His hands made something important to give someone happy. Hideko, his best girlfriend wife always supported her best boyfriend husband smarter and nicer.

They couldn’t live without each other.

F; At the end of life every body can feel something. I’ll do my best each day until the end.

M; It’s a great gift to live a day long.

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  1. Good morning⛅
    M:Wonderful couple💕

    F:yes,great couple💗💙💛

    M:calm,mild and gentle.

    F:Aha… I’m envious of their life.

    M:yes, It’s impossible for me.

    F:you made life by yourself.
    Are you happy?

    M:yes,I’m happy💕
    Are you?

    F:yes, me too😆

    M:our life 「life is better and fruity」


  2. M: Don’t hurry back when you finish watching a movie at the ”Hotoriza”.
    F: why?
    M: Please feel relaxed drink tea, and face youeself.
    F: It’s a good place for busy people all the time.

    By the way,
    “Takaoka Commercial High School” won to Saga.
    Our fun has increased!


  3. Although don’t have much achievements as much as Mr.Tubata, I also experienced actually the process of losing the good old days of Japan as same as Mr.Tubata when I was youth in the high economic growth era of Japan.
    I am impressed to Mr.Tubata and his wife’s lives and envy them, especially his last moment.

    By the way, congratulations for the first game victory of Koshien of Takasyo! Takasyo good job!



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