Life is fruity

M; I’ve found the movie I had missed to watch “Life is fruity” is now on for the encore.

F; Oh…is that a real story between a husband and wife living in nature gently, isn’t it?

M; Yeah, the husband was a famous architect who had contributed to develop Japanese modern housings but he noticed that humans should realize more important life style surrounded by beautiful nature.

F; It seems to analyze something important to get over difficulties.

M; I’m looking forward to watching it later!

F; That sounds nice!

M; Talk to you later!

Life is fruity


Life is fruity」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning⛅

    M:He said 「She is the best girlfriend.」
    It’s great❗🎶❤💕

    F:Waa,I want hear that words.😄

    M:Me too.😄
    I ‘ll say for my husband「you are the worst boyfriend.」

    Your husband say
    「You are the worst, worst,worst girlfriend.」
    Mutch made in hell(heaven) LOL


  2. M: I took an hour watched their story.
    F: How did you feel?
    M: I can not think of words.
    F: “Everyone who has a dream has a fairy” is a wonderful word.
    M: I am in a serene world now.


  3. F; Do you know HOTORI-ZA?
    M; No, I don’t know, but jen is saying about a movie screening at HOTORI-ZA on today’s blog.
    F; what name of movie is it?
    M; It’s “Life is fruity” which is a documentary of an elder couple surviving the rapid growth era of Japan reconsidering Japan’s true wealth.
    F; It seems very nice movie, isn’t it?
    M; Yeah, that’s right. I also want to watch it.



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