Disastrous heat world widely

M; It’s so amazing that temperature got 45.2C in Portugal 🇵🇹!?

F; Oh…that’s terrible!

M; We’re already tired of heat more than 35C every day. Getting exhausted 😩 and sick everywhere.

F; It’s so dangerous phenomenon in the north hemisphere this summer.

M; Hope we won’t have extremely cold in winter ❄️

Heat shock!

Heat world wide


Disastrous heat world widely」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    M:we enjoyed at summer festival🍧🍻🍛🍓🍍🍑🍇

    F:I sold Yakisoba.

    M:I helped you pack the it after my part.

    Thank you😆 you have early finished your part.

    M:yes ,we tried hard.
    We used an air conditioner but Hot🔥 kitchen.

    F: yes,outside is very hot🔥 and turn-on gus 🔥

    M:you tried hard❗
    All fine😄 It’s good😆


  2. M: What does the Earth complain to us?
    F: We are stupid humanity.
    M: Stupid we will make “yakisoba”, “yakitori”, “somen” and others at the summer festival of our town tonight.
    F: Oh! You don’t need to cook dinner.


  3. F; How long will this intence hot go on?
    M; I don’t know, but we need to be careful not to become a heat stroke.
    F; How are you taking measures?
    M; I am sure to drinking more than 2 liters of moisture every day. So, in my home of seven family my wife is making about 10 liters barley tea and cooling every day.
    Also, until now, I almost havn’t used a cooler, but I started using it properly. Especially, when I sleep at night I use a cooler with timer for three hours in order to ensure a good sleep.




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