Dangerous bottle

M; Do you carry a bottle with cold drink when you go outside?

F; Yeah…I take a stainless bottle in my bag.

M; What do you have in your bottle?

F; Almost cold brown tea with much ice cubes, especially in summer.

M; I see. Do you remember when you cheered your kids playing soccer games, what did you bring for them?

F; Oh…well. Our soccer parents team took turns to bring 2L sports drink bottles frozen in the bag. It would melt gradually to supply kids cold drink.

M; Didn’t you take sports drink in your stainless bottle?

F; Maybe I did…but what’s wrong?

M; It says that sports drink such as ion supply is acid water so it shouldn’t be recommended to fill in the stainless, aluminum or copper bottles because acid might melt the metal. It would cause harm.

F; Oh…really? It’s better to use frozen plastic bottle each time…but it will be wasteful and garbage problems😟

M; Better safe than sorry 😐

Dangerous bottle


Dangerous bottle」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    M:when I go to gym, I take a stainless botlle with cold water.

    F:Iput cold browntea into the stainlessbotlle.

    M:we are all right😆
    But be careful of wound in the botlle.

    F:I see.
    By the way,my town summer festival at today.
    I sell Furanku furuto soseji,edamame and curry and rice.
    I’m busy but happy💕😄


  2. M: Wow!! I was surprised at today’s news.
    F: How do you always do?
    M: When I go to the mountain I freeze the tea and water that I put in a PET bottle.
    F: Why?
    M: They cool other foods. Then start to melt at break time.
    F: Really! That’s a good way.


  3. F; Do you bring drinks when you go to watch the grandson’s baseball game?
    M; Yes, I’ll be sure to bring some drinks.
    F; Today’s blog article said, there is a danger that metal will melt when putting a sport drink in a metal water bottle. How do you bring drinks?
    M; I am surprised that such fears exist. However, in summer I bring a PET bottle freezing in the freezer from the night before and gradually unzip it naturally on that day.




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