Good story

M; It’s good that 13 soccer team members who had been closed in the cave in Thailand were rescued safely after two weeks.

F; That’s a great news in these days. It’s much greater than FWC.

M; Hey, I’ve heard another really good story to warm my heart.

F; We’ve had bad news and having problems including sad incidents.

M; Yeah…, but the most important thing is not losing hope or strong spirit to survive.

F; That’s right. Now it’s time when we can work together to list ourselves up and live steady to recover our life.

M; Even we were in the hardest time we shouldn’t lose self confidence and dignity.

F; That’s the Japanese we believe!

Good story


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  1. Good morning☔☁
    M:Do you know Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir ?

    He said Japanese good points, uprightness,serious, never forget kindness.

    M:OH,I’m not Japanese😣…

    F:All right😆
    You try three points to be Japanese.😆


  2. Lottery for ”English Dinner Night”………..
    Mmmmmm … (humming), Oh! This is a shock! !
    What happened?
    I applied for an “English dinner night” organized by the school along with a classmate.
    So what?
    We were not chosen as a drawing for the dinner party!
    I have to contact it with other classmates.
    But I do not know my classmate’s phone number.
    This is a troubled thing
    I hope they will read this comment.


  3. F: Do you understand the emotions people around the world have about Japanese people?
    M; Umm…it is very difficult question, isn’t it?
    I think most countries in the world have a good impression on Japan by gentle and polite national character.
    However, it is also true there are countries that have bad feelings in Japan due to past miserable wars.
    F; I think so too.
    M: We must make an effort to have a good impression forever from all the countries of the world.

    By the way, yesterday was my birthday of 76 times. 76 years old is a milestone of Japanese ancient “Kizyu”.
    (Now celebrating at full age, but
    originally it was “kazoedoshi”.)


    1. Oh….that’s great! But it’s said age is only the number in the Western countries, it means age doesn’t show its power of each life. It depends each person’a effort how much you keep your body and soul healthy and young. You’re not so much old as average your age certainly. Anyway Happy Birthday your 76 times anniversary, counting on 100 times😊



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