“Joy of life” from the exhibition by Tamtam

M; It was very hot outside but inside was very cool and artistic because there was an exhibition of oil painting art in the cafe with cakes.

F; It’s art and cafe collaboration, isn’t it?

M; Yes, cake and cafe attract more art and talk among people.

There were a part of recent drawings by Tamtam. It shows her multi-talents such as a climber, a traveler and an instrument player of bamboo fruit.

F; Wow, she is so active as well as so curious.

M; Her drawings are full of energy and never ending youth in them.

F; I’m sure she loves her life and loves people who inspires herself.

M; Life is made up of miracles so she makes her life more miraculous.

F; She seems like a super woman!

M; You can say that😉


“Joy of life” from the exhibition by Tamtam」への8件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning⛅
    M:my friend is full of energy.

    F:She is very busy.

    M:yes,she is very curious and curry out at once.

    She is like a rubber ball⚾⚽🏈
    Pom Pom where?
    Coro Coro what?
    She is always cheerful😆

    M:I didn’t like the classics at my school days.
    But I begin to take an interest in that, when heard her lecturer.

    F:OH,It’s good❗🎶❤💕
    Well,tam-tam was very delight😆🎶💗
    (Me too😆💝)
    Thank you😆


  2. F; Do you know what is “Tamtam”?
    M; No, I don’t know “Tamtam” and Ms.Noriko Tamura.
    When checking on the net about “Tamtam”, it displayed “large gong”.
    F; What?
    M; I can’t understand too.(LOL)

    By the way, when I saw the words of “Joy of Life” on this blog, I remembered United Kingdom trip of two years ago.
    When I went to United Kingdom two years ago and visited Buckingham Palace or nearby Hyde Park, there was the fountain named “Joy of Life” in Hyde Park and I was very impressed with it.

    ”Notice” Yesterday, because I forgot to put “send comment”, I couldn’t send my comment. So, I sent my comment again in yesterday’s blog today.


      1. That’s right! I think it may be the beginning of dementia.
        Well, “Tamtam” is the English virtual name in your class, isn’t she?
        I should never be able to search on the net.(LOL)
        Even so, “Tamtam” seems to have a variety of talent, isn’t she?


  3. M: It has been written “Tam-tam” on Jen’s blog from before.
    F: What is Tamtam?
    M: I checked for it, but I didn’t find out.

    By the way,
    Even in Toyama where there was no damage, the sea was dirty.
    The sea’s color was striped with beige and blue.
    And, there are a lot of garbage on the beach.




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