The sign that dogs show

M; Did you know that dogs show something sign for the foreseeing of earthquakes?

F; Really? I didn’t know it but catfish shows something irregular for the earthquakes.

M; It’s said wild instinct sensors the dangerous situation.

F; Oh, I see. We are losing that native sensor because of being far from nature.

M; Our life is so cultivated that we don’t have to be so cautious to the wild life.

F; We need to be careful for the rapid changes of weather or natural disasters.

The sign that dogs show


The sign that dogs show」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    M:my Pet’s Nana ①③everyday.
    She is often②

    F:yes, she bark, strong and everyday.
    She is selfish, like you.😆
    But she likes indoor,not like you😆

    M:OH,It’s not praise.
    If she don’t bark, want go to outdoor and to be clever.
    It may her show?

    It’s suspicious.
    By the way
    Tam-tam is going to arrive at exhibition place at11:20.
    She looking forward to seeing you😆
    (Of course me too😆)


  2. M: One expert says that wild creatures will receive a sign of disaster.
    F: Do humans can not feel it?
    M: There were people who felt strange sounds and smells in big disaster of this time.
    We have science. Let’s aim for a safe life by the humble heart to nature, and the technology of science.


  3. F; Though today’s blog is about the sign that dogs show when the earthquakes occurs, what do you think about it?
    M; Umm … I think also it is possible that animals including dogs or cats may show abnormal behavior when the earthquake occurs.
    But, I think it is difficult to predict earthquake occurrence because it is very difficult to judge the probability of taking anomalous behavior and their abnormal behaviors caused by them.
    F; That’s right. I also think so.
    M; I expect that the earthquake prediction is achieved by the human scientific wisdom. In any way, it is said that big earthquake will be occur in the near future in Japan, so we need to take thorough measures for it.

    By the way, I am sorry but I forgot to put “send comment” yesterday.



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