Lotus or water lily?

M; Look! There blooms lots of lotus flowers in the pond.

F; Oh….,is that lotus not water lily?

M; Hmmm…., let me check.

What’s the difference between water lily and lotus?

M; It seems like water lily because these flowers are floating on the pond.


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  1. Good morning☀
    M:Do you know the difference between lotus and water lily ?

    F:I look up that.
    Water lily’s leaf has slit.
    And it hasn’t water repellency.
    Flower and leaf on the pond.
    Lotus’s leaf hasn’t slit. But it has water repellency.
    Flower and leaf are up from pond.

    M:OH, I see.
    Picture’s flowers are water lily, they are beautiful💕

    F:yes,neat and clean🎶

    M:they look like you😆


    1. I didn’t know the differences between them.
      By the way I’m going to visit Tamtam’s exhibition before the noon tomorrow finally😊


  2. M: Can you distinguish between lotus and water lily?
    F: Well, that is difficult. But I know that root of lotus is “renkon”.
    M: In my area we decorate lotuses at the Jizo Bon.
    F: Well then, Let’s examine the difference between lotus and water lily!


  3. F; Do you know the difference of lotus and waterlily?
    M; No, I didn’t know it, but I knew for the first time by today’s blog.
    F; Speaking of water-lily, “Water-lily” of Monet’s paintings are famous, do you know?
    M; Yeah, I know. When I went to France ten years ago, I could visit Monet’s house and garden in the outskirts of Paris and realize the scenery that can associate painting of “water lily”.
    F; That’s nice! But, it seems there is a place where you can feel the same kind of scenery in Japan without going to France.
    M; Really?




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