Disastrous rain and earthquake

M; It was dreadful to have disasters from the southern west to the northern east of Japan.

F; It’s the worst disastrous heavy rain that we’ve ever had. And the earthquake in Chiba prefecture last night!

M; We’re very sorry about people who had devastated by the disaster, the heavy rain and earthquake.

F; We don’t know what will happen in the future. Think about the worst situation while being in safe.

M; Japan is said to have a possibility of big earthquakes in the future. It’s no wonder we might have one tomorrow.

F; As long as we are in Japan, can’t avoid it so we should never forget when it comes.

M; Then we’re not happy thinking about disasters all the time. It’s not healthy to worry about the X day.

F; It’s hard for us how to get along with the fear for the disasters.

M; I think informations are very important but excessive one would cause more disasters. Stay calm and cautious to save life.


Disastrous rain and earthquake」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ⛅
    M:I hered sad news everyday…

    F:yes, the western part of Japan is very heavy rain af earthquake.
    And Gifu, Hokkaido…

    M:we wish stop the rain and save missing persons.

    F:yes,I pray too.


  2. F: In recent years, there are many cases where Japan is struck by a serious disasters, isn’t it?
    M: My heart is very sore.

    By the way,
    M: Are you thinking about when you encountered a disaster?
    F: We can’t predict when and what kind of disaster we will encounter.
    M: Yeah, You are right. So I’m preparing for when I got damage.
    F: How are you preparing?
    M: I’m preparing 2 liters of water x 12, foods, various other goods.
    And there are putting the thing other than water in the backpack and put them on the first floor and second floor of the house.
    F: I hope not to use them.


  3. F: Heavy rain damage caused by the active rainy front is a very serious condition, isn’t it?
    M: Yeah, according to the news today as of 7 p.m, it seems that human damage has reached 70 people dead and 68 missing people. In additon, a big earthquake also occurred last night in Chiba Prefecture. Japan is a huge disaster country, isn’t it?
    F; Umm, it is very frightening, but it may be so.
    M; We should thank that there are few disasters so far in our area where we live. But we should be careful that this isn’t guaranteed for the future.

    By the way, today was very fine weather in reversal from a few days ago. I participated in the athletic meeting of my granddaughter’s nursery this morning and in the afternoon watched and cheered the baseball game of younger grandson.
    I was busy today, but very fun day.




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