The words which turn you on

M; At the final class in this term yesterday Reika asked me what words I first said to the class. She really wanted to know it once again.

F; What was it?

M; I’m sorry but I don’t remember it. I asked her what was the words about as long as she remembers. But she couldn’t answer, only it turned her on to learn English. She remembers that it gave her much potential to challenge.

F; It made her encourage to study English a lot, didn’t it?

M; Yeah…,it seems. Now if I talk to her what makes me turn on, not only for learning English but also living life.

“ Don’t be afraid to fail, you can learn from the failure.” Or “Every day is new because you live for today.”

I’ll give these words for the next term.

F; Well, she’ll be glad to hear that!


The words which turn you on」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔
    M:Do you remember what first words Jane said?

    F:sorry😓 I don’t remember.
    Do you?

    M:me too😓

    F:I remember to learn 「Don’t be afraid to fail you can learn from the failure.」

    M:That’s sound good❗
    Because I fail many things everyday.

    F:So, you need learn from the failure.



  2. F; Today’s blog is about Reika, what kind of person is she?
    M; She is our classmate and great woman though being elderly.
    She is constantly trying to speak English and her English pronunciation is very clear and fluent.
    F; Though she asked jen what words jen first said to the class, do you remember its words?
    M: No, I also don’t remember it. However, I want to value my own motto, “Continuity is power” and “Live a day with my best today”.

    By the way, also today has been raining and serious damage has occurred throughout Japan. I hope that the threat of nature will finish sooner.
    Today my younger grandson’s official baseball game was scheduled but because it was postponed due to rain, I will concentrate on organizing and editing photos and videos I have accumulated so far.


  3. M: I’m listening to some English programs on the radio.
    Those teachers say similar words.
    F: Is that so? what kind of words is it?
    M: ”Don’t be afraid of making mistakes!”
    F: That’s a good word, isn’t it?
    M: But I have no chance to speak to foreigners.
    F: I hear you.
    M: So I’m challenging “time trial” same as Macaron.
    F: Oh, yeah? It’s wonderful.
    M: Let ‘s keeing challenge to study English!



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