The extraordinary case of Alex Lewis

M; It’s a real story about a man who had infected serious disease and had to lose both his arms and legs.

F; Oh…., it must be tough!

M; Of course, not only he but also his partner and family support are harder than expected.

F; I can’t imagine what if happens to me….I couldn’t be so independent like he or his family.

M; Anyway their positive and strong relationships defeated the fear or disappointment. They never go back but just making out for the future. That’s life!

The extraordinary case of Alex Lewis


The extraordinary case of Alex Lewis」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    M:Mr.Alex is great❗
    I couldn’t watch on video without tears.

    F:me too😢
    He and his family are great❗

    M:I am an optimist, but if I have shick like him, I can’t live like him.

    F:umm…I may choose die …

    M:OH, NO, you don’t choose die, I help you everything.

    F:thank you😆
    Well, help me clear the garden.

    M:Oky,with pleasure😆……???


  2. M: Oh, I may not have the strength like him.
    F: No, if you have friends around you and you have hope for the future you can do too.
    M: I want to cherish my life at this moment.
    By the way,
    I can’t participate in today’s class.
    Everyone! Have a nice summer vacation!


  3. F; The destiny that introduced in today’s blog Mr. Alex Lewis encountered was very miserable, wasn’t it?
    M: Yes, he encountered a terrible destiny. If I was him, maybe I will not be able to to confront this terrible destiny. But, he dared to face this tragic destiny and overcome it after the hardships. I would like to admire his strong spirit and courage, and his partner who supported him.
    F; Me too.

    By the way, also today rain is continuing in whole Japan and the damage has increased. Be careful everyone!



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