What happened to the infant prodigy?

M; It’s really surprising that young genius didn’t make his life.

F; Yeah…, it’s a life different each other.

M; But we don’t know what is happy in his life.

F; Of course life has lots of values. I can’t tell it until the end.

M; I know we can tell it in the end of life.

What happened to the infant prodigy?


What happened to the infant prodigy?」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    M:genius is person’s child.

    F:What happened?
    Don’t worry, you aren’t genius.

    Life is various.

    F:jinsei iroiro🎶

    M: All’s well that ends well😆


  2. M: It is difficult to keep on being a genius.
    F: What’s the matter today?
    M: Japan will not support researchers.(+_ +*)
    F: Come on now, calm down! Let ‘s eat delicious sweets and drink tea!


  3. F; I am surprised that the present profession of a genius boy who understood the theory of relativity at high school second grader and advanced to Chiba University by skipping grade is a truck driver.
    M; Yeah, me too. But, I would like to evaluate the itineracy of his different way of life. I think that as a result, he was good to have a profession longing for the nursery days in order to secure the current stable life.
    F; Have you been able to get to the profession you were longing for when you were infant?
    M; No, I was longing for a bus driver when I was infant, but I couldn’t. However, I liked a one-box car and continued riding it from when I became able to drive until a few years ago, and I traveled to various places of Japan with my family and friends as like driving very small bus.
    F; Oh, you were able to fulfill the longing!




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