Growing 2

M; It seems plants are growing rapidly to have roots in the water since I had uploaded a month before.

F; Do you mean about your plants from seeds?

M; Yeah, they are growing but avocados have also long roots and a tiny sprout finally.

F; Oh….it’s good season for them to grow fast before the cold season.

M; Actually, my room is average from 18 to 28 even in winter. But they are tropical plants so they stop growing in winter.

F; You’ll never get fruits, won’t you?

M; No, I won’t nor expect them to have fruits. But I like having green leaves all the season in my room.



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  1. Good morning☁
    M:How grow up❗
    Avocado is great❗😆

    F:yes, her room is tropical island💕🌴

    M:green room💓
    It’s good❗
    My room is colorful😆

    F:No,It’s not colorful❗
    It’s confused❗❗


  2. It is amazing that long root and sprouting grew from avocado seed by hydroponic cultivation, isn’t it?
    I hope that it will grow until having many green leaves.

    By the way, tomorrow will be our classroom day, but sorry I can’t attend because there are my elder grandson’s baseball game.
    Actually, I had a wonderful topic tomorrow, but I will introduce it next time (June 22).


      1. Thank you for your cheering!
        I couldn’t understand the meaning of your reply words of “got it”, but I was able to understand that it means as same as “roger” or “understanding” by checking on the net.


  3. M: I’m going to work in the garden from now.
    F: What do you do?
    M: This year we planted seeds of “Sanchu” in our garden.
    Then a lot of “Sanchu” growing.
    But these leaves are becoming a feed of slug.
    Therefore, I have to remove them.
    F: Wow, that’s a hassle.
    M: I think It’s better with hydroponics like Jen’s avocado.



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