Japanese literature recitation

M; It’s an annual event “Recitation by Yuko Suzuki” will be held next Sunday.

F; Oh….this year’s theme is Kenji Miyazawa. You had his “Strong in the rain” originally called “Amenimo makezu” in the class recitation last year, didn’t you?

M; Yeah…,it’s a great poem both Japanese and English, especially after 3.11 North East Big Earthquake it has encouraged people.

F; I know it translated into English and being recited by many people who had hard time in the world.

M; Yes, Kenji Miyazawa’s poems are very Japanese but they can be shared with crossover the countries.

F; Yuko Suzuki has worked to recite many good Japanese literature and let us recognize how much great thoughts in our literature.

M; Of course it makes us delighted so much. So let’s have a good time next week!


Japanese literature recitation」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    M:I remembered 「Strong in the rain」
    I couldn’t recite it.

    F:Sure❗ I couldn’t it too.
    But every body try hard.
    It’s good memory😆

    Are you free on sunday?

    I have full schedule for sunday.

    M:Actually, me too.
    I’m sorry😅😓


  2. F; Do you know Ms.Yuko Suzuki?
    M; Yeah, I know her. Last year, she recited “The Fall of Freddie the Leaf” of Japanese version in our classroom.
    F; How was it?
    M; I was very impressed with her wonderful recitation by gentle voice, appropriate pause and intonation.
    F; It seems that her recitation meeting will be held next Sunday, will you participate?
    M; Unfortunately, I can’t participate there because there is my elder grandson’s baseball game next Sunday. But, I recommend you to participate there.
    F; I’d like to participate there.


  3. M: I have a chance to listen to the recite of Mrs. Sachiko Kagami once a week.
    F: Recite seems to be difficult.
    M: I think so too! I heard Mrs.Suzuki’s recitation last year. She was very good.
    F: I’m reading aloud newspepar for the prevention of dementia but…..


  4. I have some picture books of Kenji Miyazawa. I like “Yodaka no Hoshi” in it. I’m volunteering for a story telling of a picture book at an elementary school📚.
    It’s very fun.
    I ’d like to hear her recitation.




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