How to keep the brain healthy

M; Did you know we have intelligent brain which makes what we are humans.

F; You mean about cerebral neocortex, don’t you?

M; Yeah….the frontal lobe is a part of it. It’s a very important part which is a director of brain.

F; If it got damaged we would lose brain control, wouldn’t we?

M; I’m not sure but we have a huge intelligence in our brain much wiser than AI!

F; We should protect our intelligence as longer as possible.

How to keep the brain healthy


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  1. Good morning☁
    M:Let’s try today’s check.
    Umm…hum…I did it.

    F:OH, umm…me too.

    M:How many points did you get on the check?

    F:fufufu 50points.
    My brain is yonger than actual age.

    M:good❗my points,45.

    F:It’s good😆
    Let’s enjoy🎶



  2. M: Recently I became troublesome taking a bath late at night.
    F: Oh, me too.
    M: In addition, I became less a work I can do in one day .
    F: Yeah, It’s also the same as you.
    M: Perhaps our brain is beginning aging.


  3. F; Did you read article of todays blog?
    M; Yeah, I read it and tried to check my “aging degree of emotion”.
    F; How was the result?
    M; My “aging degree of emotion” was 60 with checking list. My actual age is 75, so my “aging degree of emotion” was younger than my actual age.
    F; That’s good, isn’t it?



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