Cleaning the bathroom

M; It’s rainy season around the corner. Humid and high temperature are good for mold especially in the bathroom.

F; Yeah…,I clean the bathtub and bath floor every time after taking bath because wet and warm room is easy for many bacterias.

M: I mention you…do you regularly clean the ventilation?

F; Do you mean the bath ventilation and dryer which works 24 hours all round a year?

M; Yes, I do. I happened to try to clean the ventilation on the ceiling and took off the filter for the first time ever since rebuilding the new bath room for 5 years.

F; Oh….what happened?

M; I was astonished at the filter covered with black mold!

I was really scared of it and went to outside to wash it out!

F; Was it for 5 years’ built mold?

M; It was! I didn’t notice it until yesterday. I’ll often check the filter at least once a month as well as washing out the bathroom walls.

F; I’ll also check it A.S.A.P.


Cleaning the bathroom」への5件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    M:I don’t like cleaning the bathroom.

    F: me too.

    M:Help cleaningman❗

    F:by myself❗

    I’ll go to NOTO with my friends.
    We’ll pick up strowberry🍓buckwheat lunch, taste wine🍴🍷and only foot hot spring.
    I’ll report on Wednesday.


  2. F: Though today’s blog talks about cleaning the bathroom, have you cleaned the bathroom?
    M: Yes, cleaning the bathroom is my charge and I’m doing cleaning work every morning.
    F: How do you work cleaning the bathroom?
    M: Every morning, I wash the whole of bathroom with pressurized water of shower, and wipe off the waterdrop with a mop or a towel, and then open the window of bathroom and operate ventilator for more than a hour.
    Also, clean the floor, the inside of the tub and the inside of the drain trap using detergent once a week. Furthermore, I clean the ventilator once a year. If finding mold in the bathroom, I remove it with mold remover.
    F: Oh, you are perfect!
    M: I worked for a company making a bath-unit, so I am an expert in the bathroom.


  3. M: My house’s bathroom is at the edge of the house.
    When I open the windows of the bathroom, the door and the back door of the house, the wind passes straight through.
    F: Wow! that’s good for drying the bathroom.
    M: That’s right. Even so, black mold grow. So I regularly clean.
    F: By the way, Did you see Jen’s blog of today?
    M: Of course, I also saw Mr.John’s comments.
    F: Mr. John is wonderful!
    M: I want Mr.John in our house too.



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