Going back to the reunion

M; It’s reported that going to the reunion over 50-year-old is not good. What do you think about it?

F; I don’t think so. I like to see old friends when I was young and talk with people feeling like still teen agers.

M; I know it’s right as we get old our topics would be limited and in a small world.

F; Indeed but I’m easy with familiar people who brought up and getting old together.

M; I also like getting to make new friends as well as seeing old friends.

Going back to the reunion


Going back to the reunion」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning⛅
    M:I don’t go the reunion.
    But from my friend since 50years ago.
    She came to TOYAMA at 22May💕
    We talked information about Nagoya and TOYAMA.
    And then, we talked each other recent history.
    For example, travel, art museum, favorite food and next plan.

    F: That’s sound good❗
    You had good time , didn’t you?

    M:yes,we didn’t talk past story.
    She said 「I’m feeling the best when I came to TOYAMA.
    Thank you😆 you give me power and hope.」
    I said 「and fat😆」

    It’s just like you😆


  2. F: Have you ever been to reunion?
    M: I’ve been to only once.
    F: Will you go to reunion again?
    M: No, I’ll not go there.
    F: why?
    M: I’ve more friends after graduation than when I was a student.
    I’ve get too old. (^ – ^)


  3. F: It’s reported that going to the reunion over 50-year-old is not good. What do you think about it?
    M: I don’t think so, because I have old friends who had been active in founding new club together in college during youth and still now I am looking forward to reunion with them once a year.
    F: Is it alumni meeting to meet once a year?
    M: Yes, we, nine founding member of club, hold OB・OG-meeting every year and enjoy renewing old friendships by staying at hot spring etc,.
    F: That’s nice reunion, isn’t it?
    M: Yeah, that’s one of my pleasure of life.




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