Pleasure of life

M; What’s your pleasure of life?

F; Well….my pleasure is having a good time with family, friends and people who relates to me.

M; What’s kind of pleasure are they?

F; It’s different! I love fun, happy and healthy.

M; You’re right but you never know what really makes you happy.

F; Do you know what’s the pleasure of life?

M; I’m still asking myself what’s the real pleasure.

F; Life is what you make…you’ll get how you lived and gave others pleasure after all.

M; It’s true! We can live as much as how we can give others happy after all!


Pleasure of life」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    M:Flower give me heal, especially rose🌹

    F:OH,three new flower pots❗
    Do you bought new roses?🌹🌹🌹

    M:yes,I used online shopping.
    These must not bloom this year, but next year……OH,I’m happy💕😄

    F:you gone to your wold…😝
    Baby, children,and peple, there smile give me heal and happy💕😄

    M:your right❗🎶❤💕
    The influence of the smile on peple is great❗
    OH,flower, smiles and sweets🌹😆🍫
    I’m very happy💕😄

    F:You’ll never forget sweets(LOL)😆


  2. M: The pleasure of my life?
    F: What’s wrong?
    M: Hmm, I don’t have much to worry about now.
    And, I have lovely friends.
    F: It is a happy life.


  3. F: What is your pleasure of life?
    M: Well … .my pleasure is to have a good time with my family and friends in a universal sense. But, in a narrow sense I feel a pleasure in giving pleasure to the people around me.
    For example, although I am taken photos or videos of my grandson’s baseball game, I feel pleasure to have edited these and give it to their teammate’s parents.
    F: Oh, you are good people.
    M: Thank you.


  4. First of all, I want to be filled with pleasure myself.Talking with friends, enjoy music, starting something new ‥‥. I hope that it will lead to someone’s pleasure.



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