No sunny day

M; It’s incredible today rapidly turns bad weather.

F; Yes, it seems to long to the weekend.

M; It was very hot like summer yesterday but back to be cool down these days.

F; It’s not funny talking about the weather, huh? Don’t you have any good topic?

M; Indeed….I have nothing good topic to share today😞

F; Don’t worry! Let’s make your day !

M; How?

F; Even no sunshine in the sky you have the Sun in your heart!

M; Oh…I got it!


No sunny day」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔
    M:today is rainy☔

    F:yes, but you are all day is sunny☀


    F:your favorite actress, MS. Todoroki.
    You watched DVD everyday💕😄
    You are happy,aren’t you?

    Yes, you’re right❗


  2. M: Ummm, my stomach condition is bad.
    F: Did you eat something bad?
    M: I examined the stomach today. My stomach was healthy so I ate lunch as usual.
    F: Has your stomach condition gotten sick after your lunch?
    M: Yes, So, my dinner is udon.


  3. M; Today seems to be rainy season in reversal from yesterday with sunshine and hot climate like summer, doesn’t it?
    F; That’s right. It feels damp.
    M; According to the forecast, this weather seems to continue until Saturday.
    F: Really? On next Saturday, the athletic meetings are held at many elementary schools in Toyama City.
    M;. Oh, by the way there is also athletic meetings at my grandson’s elementary school. At this athletic meetings, he is very enthusiastic because serve as a cheerleader.
    I wish it will be fine weather Saturday.


  4. I went to “YOGA”
    today . Today ’s type of “YOGA ” was yin. That is less movement but very hard . I prefer yin yoga .



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