Conversation between a mother and a daughter

M; I happened to hear a conversation between a mother and a daughter. It was so lovely to make me smile.

F; What’s that?

M; When I was walking and exploring in the bookstore and stepped into DVD corner, a woman was searching on the computer and talked to her daughter around 8-10 year-old.

She said to her daughter

“ It says no result about the DVD because of too old….instead another one was there. Come this way.”

“ Oh..,this is the corner of Korean movie such as 「DORODORO」.”

“ What’s 「DORODORO」?” Asked the daughter.

The mother responded smoothly

“ It’s kind of full of hatred, greedy and jealous in it.”

“ That’s too bad!”

M; What a clever mother she is!

I was very surprised.

F; Recently the relationship between a mother and a daughter seems like good friends! (╹◡╹)


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  1. Good morning☀
    M:long time ago, my daughter wanted a toy.
    I soothed her for reason.
    She understood.

    F:good job❗

    M:she grow up to woman.
    She said 「I can’t understand. But mam is terrible face and difficult words, so I say“I see…”」

    She is good❗🎶❤💕
    Your face power is great❗(LOL)


    1. Hahaha…I understand what you say. I also had the same scene with my little son. When I scolded him he began to cry. Later I asked him why I scolded him he responded “No”, he just cried for my 😠….I was really 😮


  2. I am sorry but can’t understand what you means to say about today’s your blog, “Conversation between a mother and a daughter”.
    By the way, I have never seen Korean movies or dramas so far, so can’t understand what “DORODORO” is.

    By the way, today is very hot and it is forecast our area’s temperature will be 33 degrees as hottest in Japan.
    It exactly seems to come summer at once, doesn’t it?


  3. M: Oh, it’s hot!
    F: It really is a hot day today.
    M: I feel my body is heavy.
    F: I don’t want to moveing my body or think about anything!
    M: We should take a nap.



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