Flowers bloom

M; 🎶 Flowers have begun to smile

🎶 Flowers have begun to smile

🎶 Flowers have begun to smile

🎶 Flowers have begun to smile

F; You seem to be joyful with 🌸 🌺

M; Yesterday it has become warm and they have bloomed at once in the garden.

F; Oh….yeah!


🎶 All of the flowers have bloomed

at once and smiled joyfully. 🎶 😄

Flowers have begun to smile


Flowers bloom」への7件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    Picture’s flowers are very beautiful❗🌻🌺🌹🌼
    M: Pargola’s rose🌹 bloom.

    F:It’s beautiful❗🎶❤💕

    M:thank you💕
    But peony don’t bloom yet.😅

    F:It’s good❗
    Rose🌹 next peony, we can see long time.

    M:you are right❗
    Red,orange, white, Pink, yellow…
    All beautiful❗🎶❤💕


    1. I’ve re-edited the picture just now because I found a new yellow one blooming this morning. I don’t know the name of it, it looks like a lily.


  2. F: When spring comes, beautiful flowers are blooming one after another in your garden, aren’t them?
    M: Yeah, many kind of flowers are blooming.
    F: What kind of flowers are blooming recently?
    M: At the beginning of May, red-purple “Azaleas” and pure white “Lily of the valley” were in full bloom, after then the large pink “Tree peony” bloomed. And now, a lot of pink-red “Chinese peony” are blooming.
    By the way, flower buds are starting to appear in “Hydrangea” tree. This year, the time when flowers bloom seems earlier than usual year.
    F: That’s good!! The flower can heal our mind.


  3. M: I’m full! Happy happy!
    F: What did you eat?
    M: I went to Toyama today and bought a Manju of “Chikurindo”.
    That’s my favorite.
    F: How many pieces did you eat them?
    M: I ate them three at a time.
    F: Oh! I can’t believe that!



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