Marche de A-Port

M; It was very sorry that rainy and cold Sunday Marche yesterday. But many people gathered and enjoyed shopping at the Marche de A-Port.

F; Oh..,that’s great though the bad weather yesterday.

M; Yeah…people like to taste fresh and good food.

F; What did you eat?

M; I ate focaccia pizza and pasta & salad. My friend ate special curry lunch box.

F; What were they?

M; Off course they were all delicious cooked and produced by vegetable sommeliers, organic farmers and chef from the Italian restaurants.

F; You had a good time, didn’t you?

M; Yeah.., if only the good weather would have been nicer.

F; You can’t complain about the weather. It’s hard to be controlled.

M; No rain check yesterday.

Marche de A-Port


Marche de A-Port」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    You had good holiday.💕
    M:How did you yesterday?

    F:I went to shopping.🎂🍓👗
    Did you?

    M:I watched DVD.

    F:It’s unusual for you not to go out.

    M:yes,I’m busy this week.
    So,service for family yesterday.

    F:your lines look like father’s❗(LOL))


  2. F: Did you know the event of “Marche de A-Port”?
    M: No, I didn’t know it. But, I knew this event for the first time today by jen’s blog.
    F: What is the “Marshe”?
    M: “Marche” is word of French and means the marketplace to bring and sell agricultural products, fishery products, livestock products, processed goods, crafts etc which produced in this area.
    F: So to speak, it is a market of local production and local consumption, isn’t it?

    By the way, yesterday was “Mother’s Day”.
    To be celebrating it, our home’s dinner was a hand-rolled sushi which is easy to prepare for cooking and had less post-work.


  3. M: Oh, What a pity!
    F: What’s wrong?
    M: I wanted to go to “March de A-Port” yesterday.
    F: Have you been interested in this event?
    M: Yes, I was very interested in this.
    I’ll definitely go if it will be held also next year.


  4. I didn’t know “Marche
    de A-Port ”. I guess it looks interesting, I wanted to go.
    Yesterday it was raining but I enjoy driving. I love driving.



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