Visitors rush from Israel

M; It’s so amazing that more Jewish visits Takayama these days.

F; Why are Jewish coming so many?

M; Because they want to visit Chiune Sugihara’s museum, who was a very noble diplomat to have saved Jewish people when they were persecuted by the Nazis during the World War.

F; Oh…..that makes sense! He is very respected as a humanitarian across countries.

M; Yeah, we’re very proud of him.

Visitors rush from Israel


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  1. F: Do you know Mr.Chiune Sugihara?
    W: Yes, I know his name and great humanitarian act he did.
    But, I didn’t know that Chiune Sugihara’s museum is in Gifu Prefecture.
    F: Me too.
    M: It is very surprising that the many Jewishs are visiting Gifu Prefecture to confirm the trace of humanitarian achievement of one Japanese diplomat about 70 years ago. We would like to admire Mr.Chiune Sugihara.

    By the way, I’m sorry at a slower comment yesterday night because I concentrated on my grandson’s baseball video and photo editing. So, today I send my comment earlier.


  2. Good morning☔
    M:Do you know Mr. Sugihara Chiune?

    F:Sure❗ He is great❗🎶❤💕
    He is the pride of Japanese.

    M:thank you💕💓💗

    F:Why,do you say thanks?

    M:My maiden name is Sugihara❗
    Possbly, he is distant relative of mine.

    F:It’s foolish!!
    Do you have fever?

    M:No,I don’t have fever.
    But I hurt my heart.

    F:I have a headache😱😨(LOL)


  3. Good morning!
    Mrs.ann’ comment is always funny. Especially today ’s funny and laughed!!

    I know the name “Chiune Sugihara”,
    but I don’t know exactly what I did.
    Let’s borrow the DVD about him.

    Today is Mother’s Day, isn’t it 💐!


  4. M: I think that there are many people who know Mr. Chiune Sugihara.
    Because, in recent years a movie about him was also produced.
    F: That’s right. And we must not forget people who connected “命のバトン” from Mr. Sugihara.
    M: It has been over 70 years since the end of the Second World War.
    In spite of I get respect people who to teach to children without forgetting Mr. Sugihara.

    By the way,
    I’m sad today’s rain.
    I planned to replant “hibiscus” and “kingyoso” today.



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