The naughty crow

M; Did you know that a crow recently played tricks and surprised people.

F; I knew it on TV reports. It’s said the naughty crow isn’t afraid of human because it might be taken care of by an owner not being wild.

M; According to the article a woman caught the crow to protect it.

F; It’s actually illegal but she really wanted to guard the crow from extermination by the authority.

M; Hmmm…,she might be a guardian for the crow.

The naughty crow


The naughty crow」への5件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    M:Do you know naughty crow?

    F:yes, It’s telecast everyday.

    M: Where is the crow live, It’s happy?

    F:umm…Born palace.

    M: It’s difficult😅😵

    By the way
    I made carrot potage of soy milk.
    It’s good❗,with cheese is very good❗🎶❤💕
    My son ate it, he said 「not bad」
    But 「 no thanks」
    He doesn’t like onion!


  2. M: Do you think crows are clever birds?
    F: Yes, I think that way, did you have something?
    M: Before, I heard a story about a crow that puts a hard food in front of the running car and breaks it.
    F: Oh, I’ve heard of that story. But I never saw that.
    M: Recently, I experienced it!
    F: Wow!, Is that true?
    M: When I was driving the road of the rice field, Crow put something on the road.
    And then my car stepped on it.
    F: Oh, how was it?
    M: Unfortunately, my car couldn’t break it.
    F: After that, how did that crow?
    M: Again, that crow came and held it in his mouth.


  3. Crows loves trick and there’s a scary image.
    A daughter was hit by a crow before. That aimed at the food she had. Since then I don’t like crows very much.


  4. F: Did you watched about naughty of ticket machine crow by TV news.
    M: Yes, I also watched it. Usually crow is afraid of people, but this crow wasn’t afraid of people at all. When watching this news, I reminded Hichcock’s movie “The birds”. In addition, I had been threatened by crows when walking at Inari Park where there are crow’s nests and chicks.

    By the way, today There was final baseball game of my younger grandson’s team and their team got the championship of Toyama City qualifying tournament of Takamadonomiya Cup.
    We are very delighted.



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