Yoko Ono tweets

M; When I have nothing to share with you….something good inspiration helps me.

F; So what’s the topic to share today?

F; Well…today I’ll introduce soulful words by Yoko Ono.

She often tweets each day.


Health of mind and body. The healing of all of us from the damage we have done to this planet and ourselves. That will give me joy.

The best day is the one you make.

Peace starts with having peace inside yourself.

If you want to find out what you can do to help change the world, you are already the solution. You are changing the world just by starting to think about what to do. The answer to what you should do will come from your heart.

M; These words really encourage me a lot.

F; I can convince that true solution is from my mind not others if you are responsible for yourself.


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  1. Good morning☀
    M:Do you think about peace?

    F:What’s up?
    Aha, north Corea and USA.
    I don’t usually think peace.
    But when I watched scene of war on TV📺 I think peace.

    M:me too.

    F:Humanity is all brother and sister, somebody said.



  2. I want to think that peace is not so difficult. I think it would be nice to get along with someone near.First of all, it’s family!
    What kind of chat should I do with my husband today?


  3. I am very worried about the current state of Japanese peace blur.
    Certainly, Japan now is full of peace on the surface, but the situation in the world is chaotic and we shouldn’t drop down our guard for peace.
    However, in recent Diet, a valuable deliberation is being disturbed by concentrating to deliberation only trivial matters or by deliberation refusal.
    I think that Diet member should discuss more seriously in order to protect Japan’s peace and stability.
    How do everyone think?


  4. M: Umm. Hmm,…….
    F: What are you suffering?
    M: I’m thinking about peace.
    F: That’s a big and difficult problem.
    M: I can’t understand the hearts of those who think weapons will make peace.
    F: I think that the heart of loves music and art, and the mind that tries to cherish people is necessary to make peace.
    M&F: All we need is love!




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