Swallow nest

M; Why do you know swallows make nests under the roof of stations?

F; Yeah….I saw them where people often come and go through. Public toilets in the park I saw some. They like to be protected by enemies.

M; Do you like seeing them?

F; Of course I do. But it seems having problems.

M; That’s right. Some are removed because of dirty mute.

F; It’s very annoying….I understand.

M; The bird research are giving mute catcher each facilities to solve the problems.

F; Yeah…it’s a good idea.

Swallow nest


Swallow nest」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    M:Do you have swallow nest?🐦

    F:no I don’t have it,Do you?

    M: I have one next, and a sparrow next.🐦

    F:OH,your house is lively.🎶🎶🎶

    M:yeah,I laid a mat on the porch for dropping.

    F:thank you very much💕
    But they bring something?

    M:yeah,straw, mud and happy💕

    F:Waw, you are happy💛💕💛💕


  2. F: Have you seen swallows nest?
    M: Yes, I have ever seen it in under the eaves of a nearby building several years ago. But, I have not seen recently.
    F: Certainly we have not seen almost of swallows itself in the town recently.
    M: No, not at all. I saw swallows flying on the river front of my house, yesterday.
    F: Really? That’s a good news.


  3. M; It will be a swallow’s season soon.
    F; I don’t want swallows to come in my garage.
    M; Why?
    F; When the swallow makes nests in my garage, I need to keep the garage door open.
    M; I see.
    F; A stray cat enters the garage if I keep the garage door open.
    M; Oh, I got it. That’s a problem.
    F; But I think that I want to help the swallow’s raising children.
    M; You’re a kind person, aren’t you?




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