Encourage word

M; Do you have any words to encourage you?

F; Well…..I had some when I was depressed.

I’ve heard

“ Life is too short to waste.”

So “ Live for now “.

It woke me up from the pessimism.

M; That sounds good.

F; What’s yours?

M; Mine is …………

What’s your encouraging word?


Encourage word」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁🌀☔
    M:Do you have encourage word?

    F:umm…Do you?

    M:thank you, great, wonderful, good and etc.
    So praise word.

    F:yeah,I see.
    Every people praised at age of child.
    But our age have few opportunity to praise.

    M:That’s right❗
    Because I praise to me by myself.

    F:It’s good idea❗
    I’ll do it.

    M:you are wise and active💕

    F:thank you💕
    You too💛💝❤💗

    It’s not FLATTER(LOL)


  2. Mine encouraging word is “Continuation is power”.
    I had been more than one hour walking every morning after retirement even if it rained or snowed as long as there was nothing special matter, and as a result I was able to maintain healthy physical strength.
    Also, I have been taking an English conversation lecture for seven years and reading a teacher’s English blog and replying comments with English for over 5 years.
    Although it is not necessarily improving English conversation, I was able to get meaningful daily life and pleasant fellowship with people after retirement.

    By the way, today was scheduled younger grandson’s baseball game, but because it was canceled due to bad weather, so I was able to read your blog and reply to this comment soon.


  3. F; What is the encourage word for you?
    M; Let me think …,” well done! ” It might be. Do you have such words?
    F; I’ve not usually thought of such things, but I think the words have great power.
    M; By the way, I’m goung to “Unaduki Onsen” with my friends from the afternoon.
    It may not be possible to chat with you tomorrow because I stay.




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