Amazing recovery

M; I’m very excited to see a great comeback.

F; What makes you so excited?

M; I’m telling you a true story about a man who survived from the final stage 4 of cancer.

F; Who are you talking about? Is it your friend?

M; He’s my English conversation school mate for several years.

F; What happened to him?

M; He left our class before last year at the end of the class. He said he’d be getting medication for several months in a hospital. He had to get hard chemotherapy.

F; Oh…..that seems tough!

M; Yeah….we never saw him last year so I really worried what was going on with him.

F; I understand. In such a case we can nothing to do but pray for him only.

M; Yeah…something like that. I always remember he loved flowers, plants and having a green house with so many kinds of flowers. He has a green thumb with gentle heart.

F; I’m sure no bad man who loves flowers.

M; Then I finally saw him yesterday ! He’s come back to the class.

F; Has he got slim?

M; It’s so amazing that he looks as well as before. He never looks weak nor thin.

F; Oh….wasn’t he really sick?

M; He said his treatment was successful and cancer disappeared.

F; Lucky for him! Something good works for him.

M; I know….may be his flowers in his garden waited for him so much. The spirits gave him great energy to cure by himself.

F; Whoops! Is it your own story?

M; Not at all. He said that he had confessed flowers before going to the hospital.

“All of you will die if I die but if I come back I can take care of you again”

F; That’s it! It’s natural that you think so ….the spirit of flowers saved his life to grow own life!

M; Hmmm….it’s a story of a gentle man and elegant strong flowers.



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  1. Good morning ⛅
    M:Did you read today’s blog?

    F:yeah, he is great❗🎶❤💕

    M:Ithink so too💕
    His life power is great. Sure flower’s power is great too.🍀🌷🌱🌿🌸🌹🌼🌺🌻🍁🌾

    F:yeah,flower is not only beautiful but also heal .

    M:Natural power is great❗❗


  2. M: A while ago in the corridor of the school, I saw a ex-classmate Jean who had disappeared from front of us
    because of bad disease in before last year.
    T: Really? Where is he now?
    M: He is coming over there!
    T:Jean, congratulations on your recovery from disease!
      We class members will praise your miraculous comeback!
    J: Thank you everyone!
      I am very happy to be able to learn in your lecture and with
      classmate again.


  3. F; You look pleasing, aren’t you? What happened to you?
    M; Yesterday I was able to listen to how to grow “Kingyoso” from Jean.
    F; That’s good news.
    F; But today you seem to be tired.
    M; I got tired because I had two meetings today.
    F; Thank you for your hard work.


  4. I’m really happy that l can be classmate of him and learn together with him who comes back like he used to be.
    I want to ask him about flowers.



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