Be positive and you’ll be fine

M; It’s lovely today but tomorrow and after tomorrow will be reported rainy.

F; Yeah….rainy weekend! We’re not happy feeling, aren’t you?

M; No, I always miss sunny days. I like to drive or walk under the sunlight. Bathing the sun makes me happy.

F; So without sunshine we tend to be inside or staying home.

M; Indeed….I don’t want to be wet outside. But it’s said not to be influenced by the weather so much. Even rain and storm cause us bad feeling we can enjoy each day.

F; I know. Weather always affects us what to do but we should accept all the weather round.

M; Yeah….without water we can’t live any more. Rain gives us life for everything.

F; That’s the way to spend a positive life!

How do you spent time on rainy weekend?

Y; ………?…………

What are you going to do on rainy weekend?

Be positive and you’ll be fine


Be positive and you’ll be fine」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    M:we’ll weed a nearly park and sow cosmos, tomorrow with volunteer menber.

    F: tomorrow is rainy☔

    M:yes, I put on raincoat and rainboots.
    It’s perfect💕

    F:you are fine❗❗

    M:thank you💕
    I’m looking forward to chatting.

    F:CHAT is your fine’s seed(cause)

    ( ☆∀☆)(#^.^#)


  2. F; How do you feel about rainy days?
    M; Let’s see…, that’s a good day for me to study English.
    F What does it mean?
    M; I feel like doing various work on sunny days. However, I can study leisurely on rainy days.
    F; You are wonderful!
    M; I wish I could actually do that …(LOL)


  3. F: It is fine weather today, but it looks like rainy this weekends, isn’t it?
    M: Indeed, it was also the same as last weekend, wasn’t it?
    However, last week was rainy in the forecast, but my two grandson’s baseball game was able to be done on Saturday and Sunday. We have their baseball games also this Saturday and Sunday, so I hope the forecast will not hit this weekend.
    F: You are very busy with the grandson’s baseball games every weekend, aren’t you?
    What are you going to do if it rainy weekend?
    M: Well, I am going to join regular meeting of our walking club or to organize and edit photos and videos of grandson’s baseball games in front of my PC.
    F: Even if it rains, do your regular meeting is held?
    M:Yes, our regular meeting will be held under any circumstances, not be canceled even if it will rain or snow.
    F:Your walking club is very amazing.



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