M; it’s very hard decision to let live or not for the terminal care.

F; It’s said recent emergent care is mostly for elderly people who are survived from the repeating to be deadly.

M; I think it’s too much care for the patient as well as family to watch.

F; We need to know the cruel treatment after the unconsciousness or in coma.

M; Yeah…I really need to have “Quality Of Life” to the end, which I can choose my end without too much treatment.

F; What should we do?

M; According to the Dr.G, “POLST” would be needed. It’s Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment.

F; What’s that?

M; You should read this article first.




  1. Good morning☀
    M:I cared my mother in my house for 16years, in rehabilitation institution1year, and in hospital 1year.
    F:you cared your mother so long time❗
    You were very hard❗
    M:thank you💕
    She was dementia.
    I used day service, short stay and home helper.
    I didn’t doing to impossible, perfect and depressed.
    She’s end of life, Ithink gentle, and calm.
    Maybe, I’ll my last day is like her.
    F:your children can do like you?
    I said 「I don’t like painful, I need painkiller ,so life become short.」
    I hope my care is simple and inexpensive.
    F:It’s good 😆like you💕
    M: thank you.
    Now, Let’s enjoy springtime❗🎶❤💕
    F:yes,we enjoy today❗❗❗


  2. F: How do you think of the end of life?
    M: I worked for “home health care” for several years.
    And I’m thinking about my mother and how to end my life.
    F: How do you want your life to end?
    M: I wrote my wish on a notebook.
    I hope to live meaningfully till the end comes.
    F: You are right! Today is a good day! I’m happy!


  3. Death is to visit sure to human beings, but how to greet death is very difficult and we can’t decide it on our own.
    But, we are possible to show intention to the family or medical personnel in advance how to terminal care in the face of death.
    I want to discuss again with my family how to my own end-of-life care by reading this blog’s article.




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