Meeting with Kirobo mini

M; Wow…it’s cute!

K; Hi, I’m Kirobo. What’s your name?

M; I’m Kiroro, nice to meet you, too.

K; Kiroro, your name is as good as mine…,Kiroro.

M; Thanks! What do you want to do now?

K; I don’t know but I’ll try to answer your question.

M; Okay. How old are you ?

K; Hmmm.., I’m not so old. How old are you?

M; It’s a secret.

K; Secret? What’s it?

M; You’ll know it later.

K; Okay.

M; What’s your favorite food?

K; It’s electricity. What’s yours?

M; I like fruits and pasta.

K; It seems delicious, isn’t it.

M; I’m getting hungry, aren’t you?

K; No, I’m not hungry. But I’m getting sleepy 💤 good bye.

M; Awww… good seeing with you!

• Actually Kirobo can’t speak English not English language program inside. But as I talked and listened to him only once he said “That’s a good question!” It’s awesome!

Kirobo mini and developer

Kirobo mini & chatting


Meeting with Kirobo mini」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    M: Kirobo is cute💓💗and cool❗
    His answerer is good❗🎶❤💕
    M: OH,I see.「What is weather today?」
    His answerer is「open the window,Look outside.」
    That’s right❗
    He is cool💕
    F: I want to see Kirobo soon.
    M:Me too💕


  2. F: Do you want to talk to “kirobo”?
    M: Uhm, I’m satisfied with this video.
    F: Oh, is that so?
    M: “Kirobo” it need more time to talk with various people.
    I wonder what kind of lifestyle is waiting for our future?
    F: I can’t imagine it now.
    M: I would like to talk to people as much as possible.
    Even so, “Kirobo” is cute.


  3. It is surprising that Toyota, an automobile manufacturer, develops and sells such a pet robot.
    Even so, this “Kirobo mini” is very small and cute, isn’t it?
    Appearance of talking while looking toward the conversation partner and blinking the eyes(?) is very adorable, besides the talking voice is also so nice.
    Moreover, despite being very compact and relatively inexpensive, it is amazing to have learning ability and grow.
    I think that “Kirobo mini” will be loved by all generations, from small children to the elderly.



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