Influ and hey fever

M; Have you been hey fever?

F; Yeah, I’ve got it suddenly, sneeze, runny nose and itchy eye before last year but this year I’ve not yet.

M; You’re lucky.

F; I had tried to avoid barley tea, instead drinking roasted green tea mostly. I don’t know it effects well or not. Are you suffering from hey fever?

M; I got allergy such as hives but not sneeze or runny nose. But a few days ago I caught a cold such as sore throat and having had bad condition and it brought me symptoms of hey fever and head ache. I couldn’t stand it.

F; Sorry to hear that. Are you okay now?

M; Yeah….I was sick in bed all day all night for 24 hours. Sleeping and sleeping was the best medicine for me.

F; It’s just like flu and hey fever complexes. I’ve heard it on TV. They said it “influ and hey fever” which makes the worst thing after all.

M; I don’t think I got it but it was very tough for me to be in bed for 24 hours but I could sleep well.

F; Anyway it’s good for you to recover in 24 hours. Welcome back!

M; Thanks.

Influ and hey fever


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  1. Good morning⛅
    M:Did you have a cold?
    F:yeah,I had bad cold twice and slight once.
    M: Are you all right?
    M:I’m OK now😆
    Did you?
    M:NO, I hadn’t.
    My source of power is eat, talk, sleep and lough.🍙🍰🍤🍫☕😄😆😍🃏💤
    F: you are optimist.
    ( ^-^)ノ∠※。.:*:・’°☆(#^.^#)


  2. F: Recently the weather forecast says “pollen information”, isn’t’ it?
    M: Pollen allergy season has started again this year.
    F: Are you okay?
    M: I’m okay but my husband is having pollen allergies every year with problems.
    So, I want to know effective measures about pollen allergy.
    F: I pray for your husband’s good fight! (^o^)


  3. When the snow season ends, it is the season of hay fever, isn’t it?
    Because I have never suffered from hay fever, I can’t understand that suffering, but it’s symptoms seems to be very painful.
    Besides, if it happens in conjunction with influenza, its pain will be quite severe.
    People of hay fever should be careful enough.

    By the way, when the melting of the snow at our house, the baseball season of our grandsons began from today.
    The younger grandson’s team won the first official game of this season today.



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