Overcross species

M; An owl Fuku and a kitten Marimo had met 3 years before. They showed friendly each other and having good friendships ever.

F; What a lovely scene of them!

M; This time, Marimo has given birth to four babies. She seems very busy. Then Fuku is helping to take care of her babies.

F; Oh…that’s nice and heartwarming story, isn’t it?

M; Even pet animals are getting along crossover species.

F; It’s so fantastic!

Overcross the species


Overcross species」への8件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    M:It’s heartwarming story💕
    F:yes Marimo is cute💓💗
    Fuku is cool💕
    We wish get along crossover race.


    1. Good morning! You’re much earlier to write back your comment than usual because of good weather and no work to clean the snow☀️⛄️ hope we can have a delight day today!


  2. It’s a unusual relation, isn’t it? They have a warm heart. Today’s topic warmed my heart. I think all living things have warm heart and cruel heart, so it’s important to make a good environment. Don’t you think so?


    1. I think each person is different not have to be the same as others. Be positive, flexible and tender is better to live easily.


  3. A: Marimo grew and big.
    B: I wonder does not Fuku grow big?
    A: You have a strange perspective.
    A: I think they are very happy.

    In this morning, I went to the nursing care home with my volunteer group for bedclothes change.
    When I came back home the snowboarder finals were broadcast.
    I’m concerned about Mr. Tozuka’s injury.
    I hope that other people can game safely.


  4. In the nature, the cat and the owl should be the prey relationship, but intimate relationship between the cat and the owl which showed at the this article is a miracles couple to be healed our mind, isn’t it?

    By the way, today from mornin it was fine weather with sunshine, wasn’t it?
    It was very good the snow melted considerably.


    1. It’s very surprised to hear the spring storm has blown today in our area though lots of snow amount. Longing for spring finally!




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