Amazing photos by original lens

M; Look! They’re so amazing photos by an unique original lens.

F; Wow….what a wonderful world of each of the photos!

M; I sometimes think how do all the things look which we see by other lens. For example, dogs are said to see things “black and white” with no color. They can only see monochromatic color. Some insects such as dragonfly has “fly-eye-lens”, don’t they?

F; Hmmm…it seems interesting though my mother has weak eyesight now as getting old. She has a narrow eyesight so she can’t walk by herself outside because of too dangerous.

M; You know, new born babies also have weak eyesight because of immature but they will grow up and have good eyesight.

F; It seems like as getting old we’ll go back to babies…

M; Yeah..,getting old is unavoidable.

An unique photo lens


Amazing photos by original lens」への10件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning⛄⛄⛄
    M: It’s wonderful❗
    F: Same here😆
    M: Beside, It’s used handmade lens.
    F: Wao, It’s good idea❗
    M: I can’t make lens, but macro lens is sold at 「100kin」 on TV.📺🔍
    I wish take a photo of a snow crystal❄


  2. Let’s take a break, with tea☕and🍫chocolate.
    I drink a cup of tea☕and🍫chocolate now😆


  3. An unique photo lens is wonderful. I think a lot of people are difficult to take these photos. But if we master the technique, it’s possible. By the way, Japanese players play an active part in the Olympic Games. Ms.Takagi’s coach said to Takagi. “You can do. I can do.” It’s great words and he is a super-class coach.
    Many people were given dream and hope by the Olympic Games. Ms. Sara Takanachi was great, too. All of players are wonderful, too.


  4. F: These are very unique, aren’t they?
    M: That’s right, these pictures give peace to me who tired of seeing the snow scene.
    F: Even so, I wonder how does he take this picture?
    M: I’m sorry, I don’t know the difficult thing.
    F: Yeah! It’s good just feel beautiful things beautiful!

    By the way,
    I used route 8 this morning.
    The condition of the road was very bad and the speed of all the cars was very slow.
    I thought that I understood the reason why many cars were stuck on the route 8 of Fukui.


  5. What lens is An unique photo lens?
    Even so, each photos shot with unique photo lens(?) are wonderful and beautiful, aren’t them?

    By the way, this morning I was very surprised with the snowfall height, maybe 40cm or more and needed to do snow removal work of the parking lot. So, my pedometer exceed 20,000 steps today.



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