Animal rescue unlimited

M; What a wonderful rescue aid it is!

F; How brave and helpful they are!

M; The dog was lucky enough to be saved in the deep well.

F; Indeed! If anyone didn’t notice it she would have drowned to die soon.

M; That’s a very lovely activity to see. I feel very relieved.

Animal rescue unlimited


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  1. Good morning⛄
    M:It’s wonderful❗❗
    She is smart.🐶
    F: Yes, If she is afraid of people, she doesn’t rescued.
    M: That’s right.
    We don’t afraid of much snow, we try hard snow clearing.
    F: Oky, Let’s together❄


  2. Oh!, she was very lucky.
    We need strong feelings to wish to live.

    M: Snow in our area was less than we expected, wasn’t it?
    F: Yeah!, but today I’ll not go out.
    I’ll decorate my daughter’s hina doll today.
    M: At the entrance of my house is many handmade hina doll and it’is gorgeous! (^o^)


  3. I also feel very relieved to watch the scene of this video which the dog had been rescued from death just before drowning.
    However, why did this dog fell into such a deep well?
    Anyway, this well is very dreadful, isn’t it?
    I think such a deep well is a very dangerous also for children.

    By the way, today has been snowing again and very cold.
    It is a good to watch Olympic Games on TV in a warm room.



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