Virginia aquarium

M; Wow… baby octopuses are hatching!

F; What a cute and mysterious!

M; I feel like natural power.

F; They’re so tiny and hard to survive.

M; Oh….they’re so lucky to be born in the aquarium. No enemy feed them.

F; I wonder what’s happiness for them to be born and die in the nature or protected in the aquarium…

M; They were born to give birth to the next generation.

Virginia Aquarium

Baby octopus


Virginia aquarium」への8件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☔
    M: it’s great🎊💮🎉💕
    Baby octopus change color as soon as born.
    F:yes,It’s true quick❗
    M: I first watched It’s born❗
    F: me too💕
    I was deeply moved by octopus baby.
    M: yes,thank you💕💓💗Virginia aquarium’s staffs.


  2. White octopus egg sac is like a flower petal and it’s very beautiful, isn’t it?
    And how mysterious and surprising scene that the octopus baby born out from it and changes instantly from white to red brown.
    I think the octopus baby born in an aquarium is very happy because they are perfectly guaranteed food, housing and security.


  3. The baby octopus is cute and small. Long years ago, I have read on the photo of the octopus of mother and baby before. The baby of octopus was brought up by her mother. It was wonderful and heart-warming view. So I love the octopus. Maybe, all of living things have as same as the octopus.


  4. M: The story changes, but in the morning I went to the gas station to put in gasoline.
    F: Which gas station did you go to?
    M: I am using “Usami”.
    F: Why are you using Usami?
    M: It’s open 24 hours and the price is cheap.
    However, the staff said that gasoline was sold out because there is no arrive of oil since yesterday.
    F: Oh~! , What happened to Usami?
    M: I came back without asking the reason.
    F: You should listen properly!
    M: I’m sorry(- -)



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