Pyeongchang Olympic

F; Pyeongchang Olympic has started 9 to 25 in February.

M; Yeah…it seems excited but many countries had retreated, hadn’t they?

F; I had heard it before including Russia but in case of that country was banned by the Olympic committee because of illegal doping.

M; It was the hard circumstances to hold the Olympic Games.

F; Japan as well as other countries finally joined and they will compete as sportsmanships.

M; Olympic should not be interfered by the politics.

F; It should be fair and justice crossover the boarders.

Pyeongchang Olympic

Pyeongchang Olympic NHK


Pyeongchang Olympic」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    M: At last , Olympic❗ yesterday.
    F: yes,I’m looking forward to playing Japanese players.🏂🎿
    M: me too💕
    But this Olympic has a lot of political problem.
    F: So, but don’t worry.
    We are cheering for japan🌟🎉💐🎊


    1. I’m not feeling each time the views of North Korean propaganda of the beauties and politicians at the opening ceremony coz they’re using the Olympic.


  2. M: At last the winter Olympic Games began!
    F: I also watched the opening ceremony on TV.
    M: I’m looking forward to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games every time.
    F: I was worried whether the flag bearer of Tonga would catch a cold.
    M: I will hide my eyes and see the competition.
    F: Well, why?
    M: I can’t see with worry.
    F: In any case, I want we don’t forget the heart when the Olympic Games began in Greece.


    1. F2; I don’t want to expect too much because athletes were depressed by fanatic mass communications a lot. Please stay calm and cheer their doing the best!


  3. I also think that the Olympic Games should be held under the spirit of fairness and justice in accordance with sportsmanship.
    But, I have disappointment with this Olympic Games because there were several scenes that the host country and the IOC didn’t comply with the spirit of fairness and justice.
    I hope that such injustice will never be reproduced at the next Tokyo Olympic Games.

    By the way, today I joined in regular meeting of walking club and walked about 15km by around tour of Kosugi station as arrival and departure via Tajiri-pond of swans.
    In addition, I am going to watch and cheer younger grandson’s baseball practice game which hold at Dome from 5 p.m.


    1. Oh…it seems you’re busy as much as Olympic athletes in cold Pyeongchang there….it’s still cold outside today. Please take care of your health.



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