The loneliest seabird

To Nigel

M; I’ve heard of the loneliest seabird Nigel the gannet on Mana Island in New Zealand. He never had real friends but two concrete mates in his life.

F; So ..,,what happened to him?

M; He was found dead beside his concrete mates.

F; Oh….sorry to hear that. Was he happy?

M; As long as reading from the article he loved his no reply mates so much. Giving food and rubbing his body showing his love performances.

F; He might really be in love with his friends made of concrete.

M; People visited there knew him and he was loved and very popular by people but not real birds.

F; It’s so interesting but sad story of him. What was his wish?

M; He might want to have a family to give birth new lives there.

F; May his dream come true by other gannet family.

M; Yeah….hope so.

The seabird Nigel

The loneliest seabird


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  1. Good morning☀
    M: Nigel was happy💕
    F: Why? He was broken-hearted, and he was ignored.
    M: So, I think , whatever broken-hearted ,love time is happy…
    I wish for he was happy…😭😭😭
    F: I agree with you😭😭😭😭


  2. Nigel is very poor a seabird.
    I rememberd. A few ten years ago, I saw French movie.
    A young lonely man loved “Manekin”. Soon Manekin became to move only in front of he.
    He was happy. And then he spent with her all day long.
    I love to be alone. But I was very sad. He looked very sad.


  3. A: Oh, what a sad story this is, isn’t it?
    B: In Ogasawara succeeded in artificial breeding of ‘Ahodori’.
    A: I hope that the nests made by Nigel will bring in other seabirds.

    By the way,
    I am ordering goods from co-op.
    My goods are delivered every Friday.
    However, when I returned home today, there were potatoes and sky boxes.
    And, There was a information that distribution stopped because of the heavy snow.
    I thought that I had no influence of heavy snow.
    But it was also influenced to me.


  4. I think that Nigel of the gannet on Mana Island was very pathetic because he spent for several years with only many fellows made of concrete and died remains of loneliness.
    However, he might have been happy because he had been thought they were a fellow even if they were concrete.

    By the way, now I am watching opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Olympics on TV in warm room.
    I hope that the Japanese athletes will do their best.



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