An elephant calf fell into the pool

Mother; M Aunt; A Baby; B

M; Oh… my baby fell into the pool!

A; What’s happening?

M; Oh, dear! My baby is drowning in the pool ….please help her!

A; OK, let’s get into the pool.

M; Come on, come on baby here.

A; Wow….here comes good baby, hold me tight with your nose.

M; Let’s get there.

A; We’ve done it!

B; Thank you mommies, I had a good fun!

An elephant calf fell into the pool


An elephant calf fell into the pool」への8件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    It’s cold today too😱
    But It’s heartwarming story.💕
    M: me
    N: dog🐶 Nana
    M: uu~ I’m cold❗
    N:Why? What happened?
    M:I took out the garbege.
    N:Oky,Imake you warm.
    M:Huh? What?
    N:pero pero
    I lick you pero pero
    Oky, thank you💕💓💗
    I’m warm.p(^^)q


  2. An elephant family is great. I thought all living things have wonderful ability.
    By the way, an octopus has very lovely ability of parent and child, too.
    When the octopus mother was born her baby’s eggs, she continue to watch them until they grow up to the octopus baby. I remembered I was deeply moved by the sight.


  3. M: This is a heartwarming movie, isn’t this?
    F: I didn’t know that the elephant has strong bonds.
    M: These elephants are as if they were human mothers.
    F: The animals also love children is the same as us.
    M&F: Let’s fill the world with love!
    By the way,
    TV news said the effect of heavy snow is still continue. .
    Fortunately there is no damage by snow around me.


  4. I was impressed to watch the video which as soon as baby elephant fell into the pool, mother and other elephant rushed to rescue baby elephant in hurry and two elephants jointly led baby elephant outside of the pool.
    In the same way as human beings, I felt strength of mother’s love and fellow’s bond.

    By the way, although today was very cold, but calm weather, wasn’t it?
    According to the weather forcast, tomorrow seems to be fine weather after long time.
    I am sorry for late reply comment because my granddaughter had a fever and was absent from the nursery and occupied my PC all day long.



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