To make use of …

It’s funny that dogs’ dropping’s are used for natural fuel for the energy, this case is for gas light.

The inventor Mr.Harper did it “turn the waste into advantage.”

To make use of


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  1. Good morning⛄⛄⛄
    It’s good idea❗
    Nana🐶’s ones is little.
    If I use gas light in two hours , I need those 20~30times.( LOL)


  2. I know that there are people using animals’ waste in various ways.
    However, I heard for the first time that use the dog’s waste for the street light.
    I welcome the reuse of natural things.
    Even so, when I want to use it in my area, how many dogs do we need? (^-^)
    By the way,
    A lot of people were moving snow this morning.
    If it’s snowing tomorrow than today, maybe I can’t go to the classroom.


  3. It is very amazing to be able to light street lights for 2 hours and to keep clean the environment of scenic spot by 10 times dog feces, isn’t it?
    Even in Japan, it seems that electricity generation using cow dung is being carried out.
    I think just like hydropower, wind power, sunlight, etc., it is better to promote power generation by renewable energy more widely without overly depending on petrochemical fuel.

    By the way, although the weather forecast had been foretold, this morning was a heavy snow.
    I worked a snow removal of the parking lot for about an hour from 5 o’clock on the morning and very tired. With only snow removal work, my pedometer exceeded 10,000 steps.


    1. Oh..,that seems tough for you to work for your family… I hope you won’t so much hard work to cause you tired. I’m sure you can’t be patient seeing your members fighting against snow piles before going to work.



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