Managing medical paper by electronic book

I’ve not often seen a doctor for myself except a dentist. But I’ve not cured hives for months even though caring food to eat every day. So I finally try to go to Dermatology Clinic yesterday. The doctor said hives can’t be found the causes which raised in my body and alarm health. If I don’t take any pills the hives will never cured nor eat anything which might arises hives.

I hate being patient for stopping eating fish or drinking alcohol something special. I give up and take medicine for hives.

It’s the same for allergy blocker. I need to take medicine for 2weeks.

By the way I don’t often go to see the doctor nor getting medicine. The previous years when I got the prescription paper book I never used and into trash. I don’t want to keep the book when I go to see a doctor and pharmacy so I try to use electronic medicine paper book this time. It will never be lost as long as I take the phone and check the list of the medicine. But there’re lots of applications in the store. It took me hours to take the right one into my phone. I did trials and errors to have the convenient electronic medicine paper book. It’s easy to take a photo of QR code and onto the app. It describes the prescriptions and clinic and pharmacy.

It’s going to be on the cloud by my device.

Managing paper book


Managing medical paper by electronic book」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning⛄
    I don’t have 「Medicine Notobook」
    But when I use electronic book , function of calendar and alarm are very convenient.💕⏰
    It prevent me from forgetting to take Medicine💊


  2. IT is progressing in various fields, isn’t it?
    It is astonishing to us, the elderly who are not good at IT.
    I don’t have even a medicine notebook of paper. But, because I get medicine only from my family pharmacy, this pharmacy has memories of my medicine history.
    So, I don’t need an electronic medicine notebook.
    In addition, I am rarely going to the hospital or getting medicine at the pharmacy except going a dentist once a month for tooth care, so medicine notebook itself isn’t necessary.
    By the way, even with diarrhea and high fever of this time, I recovered only by fasting and resting only one day without going to the hospital.


    1. It’s so fantastic that you’ve recovered from the problem infected by virus without medicine. You’re such a ideal healthy life owner.


  3. Using our knowledge of medicine when our body displays alarms is a good option.

    The weather is bad today.
    I think it is good to rest your body.
    Please take good care of you.



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