How to get along with AI

It’s really interesting topic how to get along with AI in your life, said by Shigehiko Toyama. He’s now 94 years old and active as well as having sense of humor to communicate with many younger people because of his aged friends are few around him. He’s having his life showing emotions such as joy, anger, pathos and humor. It’s natural and healthy at all. Don’t be too much stressful and be honest to yourself.

He is always a challenger how to get along with AI.

How to get along with AI


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  1. Good morning ☁
    Mr. Toyama is wonderful❗❗
    I think , AI works at dirty, hard and denger place.
    So it doesn’t say complaint.
    If I live with AI……
    It takes care of garden, clean room, cook, laundry,etc…
    OH dear What should I do?
    I haven’t work.
    Oky, I enjoy read, hobby, gym and trip.(fu fu fu 😄)


  2. Because AI seems to be almost unrelated for ordinary elderly people, it is surprising that he who is 94 years old argue AI’s merits and demerits.
    And also, though I can’t do it, I agree and admire his unconventional rule of life.

    By the way, thank you for your sympathy.
    I almost recovered today.


    1. Good to hear that you’re now recovered your healthy life! It’s chilly back from today. So we need to be careful not to catch cold.


  3. How do I along with AI?
    Sometimes I see “Instruction Manual” when operating appliances.
    But I would like to be able to operate just by talking to home appliances.

    Today, I went to a hospital with my mother by my car.
    I gradually become older.
    I hope the car will bring us to the place of hope by automatic driving.
    If that happens, traffic accidents and dangerous driving will be gone.

    On the other hand, I hope that the progress of AI will not be the same as human discoverd “nuclear fission energy”.


    1. There’re two aspects of things, one is good point and the other is bad one. So AI has also merits and demerits for us to be used. It will work for us a white angel not a dark knight.



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