New Year Big talk

It’s a very big talk session with Tottoroid and Matsukoroid, both are produced by professor Ishiguro who is an expert of AI robot technology.

It’s supported by Dream Big Lottery because it’s a kind of dream chance talk session. I’m not going to talk about lottery but I think it presents enough money to support the research. It’s needed to have good sponsors.

New Year Big talk

Toto room


New Year Big talk」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    Really, Big(size) talk❗❗(fu fu fu😄)
    Toto is very cute💓💗
    Matsukoroid is weird (fu fu fu 😄)
    I become android from ann(fu fu fu 😄)


  2. I was thought that a celebrity robot created by Mr. Ishiguro was only “Matsuko Deluxe”.
    He also has his own android.
    Is Mr. Ishiguro making someone’s other android?
    Someday, the androids will have conversation freely using AI..
    Probably my life will not last until then. . .LOL


    1. It’s said AI will develop and take over manpower working instead of workers now. It will invade our life and change a lot.


  3. Our home is in a state of emergency declaration.
    Because the granddaughter had vomiting and high fever until January 4 to the day before yesterday and my wife and elder grandson developed diarrhea and vomiting yesterday. They almost recovered but today my son and I got diarrhea and high fever.
    It probably seems that it has developed consecutively starting from granddaughter.
    So, I am sorry but I can’t reply anymore comment.


    1. Oh….that’s a great pity for all of your family! Please take a good care of yourself and stay warm and safe! I really pray for your recovery soon.



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